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Hi. My name is Edwin and because of my genuine passion for photography I am always chasing that elusive unique photographic moment that occurs everywhere and everyday around us. My style of shooting can best be described as modern photojournalism. When shooting real estate it is my intention to make each home sparkle to help sell them quickly. I pay very close attention to detail and take time to 'ready' every room and space so that each photo is ‘picture-perfect’. The use of professional lenses and lighting ensures clear and bright photos for your online listings, Real Estate publications and brochures. My post-processing method falls in line with my shooting style: as natural as possible. I tend not to do heavy retouching but moderately adjust the exposure, contrast, and colours to look their best and most life-like.


Help bring your listings to life with an elegant and stylish Feature Sheet that stands out. The feature sheet can give a point-by-point capsule of the home's best qualities in an easy to use form that can be folded, put in a binder, and laid out side-by-side with others as the buyer makes their deliberations. When buyers are choosing from among several homes, there is one selling tool that is indispensable - the feature sheet. The feature sheet not only contains a photo of the home to jog the buyer's memory, it also lays out the special amenities of the home and gives the listing agent's contact information.

Feature Sheet Package


  • 2 Page Brochure
  • 8.5" x 11" double sided
  • photography (max 35 images)
  • slideshow
  • 50 prints

Brochure Package


  • 4 Page Brochure
  • 11" x 17" folded
  • photography (max 35 images)
  • slideshow
  • 50 prints

Booklet Package


  • 8 Page Brochure
  • 11" x 17" folded
  • photography (max 35 images)
  • slideshow
  • 50 prints



The importance of online marketing in real estate is unquestionable and first impressions are the key. Make every listing from condominium to palaces stand out from the crowd. Great images attract not only buyers but new listings to your business and traffic to your website. I can help you give all your listed properties a comprehensive and professional marketing advantage. Packages include high quality images of each property. I ensure a variety of images to choose from so that you can keep the online and print media marketing fresh and vibrant for the duration of the listing.

Basic Package


  • hi-res photos (max 35 images)
  • slideshow

Full Package


  • hi-res photos (max 60 images)
  • slideshow


Additional Services

Post Cards - from $185

Business Cards - from $120

Lawn Sign - from $65

Travel fee may apply to properties outside of the service area

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